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About us

ValumehaanikaValumehaanika Ltd (founded in 1966) is situated in Tartu and it operates with cast-iron and sheet metal. It casts mainly grey-iron, steel, iron details, steel constructions, bunkers and containers.

Many of the products for retail consumers as furnace, hearth and fireplace doors, baking ovens, fire gates, stove tops, smoke tube, stove tops, damper plates and these products are available at company's own store but also in the bigger construction department stores like Espak, Bauhaus, Ehituse ABC, K-Rauta etc.

By subcontracting we also produce all kind of grey-iron and steel details. Valumehaanika Ltd. products can also be found in Tartu and Tallinn where the street illumination laterns, latern holders, vases, benches, sewage tops are made by us. However the main products are special orders for different companies from which one third is exported to Finland, Sweden and Latvia.